People worldwide called me ugly, mentally unstable and compared me to Hitler.

Did I get your attention? Great. Thanks for visiting my website!

I’m Lisa Khoury -- a freelance producer and reporter who is deeply passionate about investigative journalism. But that passion would have never ignited if it weren’t for the biggest mistake of my life.

When I was a sophomore at the University at Buffalo, I wrote an opinion article for The Spectrum about not liking tattoos. It went viral, triggering thousands to send me hate mail. After days of crying, I had an epiphany: if my words can affect people worldwide, what if I can use them for good?

That became my life goal.

I wrote national award-winning investigative stories for The Spectrum. But once I entered the real world -- interning at ABC World News, and then producing at Spectrum News in Buffalo, I missed deep-dive investigations. So in April 2017, I moved to Lebanon to be a freelance reporter.

Since then, I’ve covered the Syrian and Palestinian refugee crises for outlets like Al Jazeera, Vox, Washington Monthly and Times of Israel. Whether I’m writing about Syrian child brides or the Lebanese revolution -- my goal is to take an in-depth approach and expose the truth.

I am currently available for hire and can be emailed via the contact form on this site.



First place, In-Depth Reporting
Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award (2013)

First place, In-Depth Reporting in Region 1
Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award (2015)

Fourth place, Story of the Year
Associated Collegiate Press (2014)

First place, Investigative Reporting
Camayak Student Media competition (2014)